Introducing the RUTX12 Industrial Cellular Router | Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks introducing the newest RUTX12 industrial cellular router!

First router with two independent 4G LTE CAT6 mobile modems working with 2 SIM cards to provide redundancy and maximize connection availability with advanced network security features. When the two modems are working simultaneously, the router can reach the throughput of up to 600 Mbps with load balancing. When this feature is enabled, the traffic is distributed across a number of connections, which remain separate.

The RUTX12 Industrial Cellular Router is designed to meet the demanding needs of the industrial, security, and mobile markets. Its wide operating temperature range and input voltage range of nine to fifty volts DC make it an ideal choice for such applications. Furthermore, the rugged aluminium housing allows it to be installed anywhere, regardless of its location. The unit can be surface-mounted or din-rail mounted.

The RUTX12 is equipped with dual LTE Cat 6 antennas for high-speed connection. Its WAN port can be configured to function as a LAN port, eliminating the need for a separate network switch. This reduces the overall installation cost. Additionally, the RUTX12 supports passive POE. It can deliver power via a POE injector that is connected to the LAN1 port. The router also offers SMS configuration for ease of use.

The RUTX12 has a huge number of antenna connectors. In addition to WiFi, Bluetooth, and GNNS GPS, it has four external LTE antennas. Additionally, it features two SMA-RP wifi-antennas. Using these antennas, you can get a strong UMTS signal in a crowded area. Besides, the router has a web-based configuration tool that makes it easy to setup and configure. The rugged aluminum housing ensures durability even in the harshest environments.

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