Easy VPN Review

Easy VPN Review

Is Easy VPN good for torrenting? Is it easy to use? The answer to those questions is yes, but Is Easy VPN good for torrenting? Is it easy to use? The answer to those questions is yes, but not quite. Easy VPN does not support split tunneling and only works within the countries it provides service in. While this makes Easy VPN not the best choice for torrenting, it is a good option for people looking for a fast and easy VPN. It starts with just two servers, but quickly expands to 21 countries. While the interface is very simple, the security measures it offers are lacking.


While Ivacy is known for its plethora of platforms, this VPN service doesn’t have as many features as its competitors. The desktop app is user-friendly, but doesn’t offer much in the way of features. It also lacks important features like a kill switch and split tunneling. There are plenty of dedicated servers to choose from, however, so I can’t really recommend Ivacy to people who use other platforms.

For one thing, Ivacy does not have a library for US Netflix, but it does work for other streaming services. There are some technical issues with HD performance. Overall, Ivacy gets the basics right, but it needs to refine its performance to match the leading VPN services. However, it’s definitely worth a try for all those who want to unblock Netflix and other services. With a price tag that isn’t too high, it’s a solid choice.

Another benefit of Ivacy is that it offers multiple locations. There are virtual servers in Chile, Bolivia, Egypt, Oman, Panama, and the United Arab Emirates, but the rest are bare-metal units. However, you should check to see if the servers in your area are physically located. A bare-metal server is a better bet. It’s more secure, and offers greater privacy. But, Ivacy’s kill switch doesn’t have the same security as that of other VPNs.

While Ivacy’s website says it has over five thousand servers in 100+ countries, the real number of servers is closer to seventy-sixty-sixty-one. The servers are safe for torrent downloading and streaming, and it’s unclear why they aren’t located in all countries. And, because they’re not the sole owners of all VPN servers, Ivacy is unable to implement the RAM-only approach to servers that other VPN providers have.


If you’re looking for an affordable VPN that offers excellent security and speed, Surfshark may be the one for you. The service offers three plans: monthly, twelve-month, and 24-month. Each has its pros and cons. In my Surfshark Easy VPN review, I noted that Surfshark’s customer service is excellent and the website is well-organized. You’ll find all of the important information at your fingertips. The My Account section is also well-organized, with easy-to-use buttons for downloading software, changing passwords, and logging out. This means that you can manage your account without any hassle.

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While Surfshark’s NoBorders feature may be useful in some cases, the company doesn’t explain how it works. It isn’t completely clear how it works, but it appears to obfuscate traffic. It also includes a Kill switch, which automatically blocks your internet connection if your VPN connection drops. I can’t attest to how well this feature works, but it’s definitely something to look for if you’re planning to access blocked sites.

While Surfshark has a solid privacy policy, I have concerns. Some VPN providers may log your IP address and websites visited. Because this information is easily available to law enforcement, you’ll want a VPN that protects your privacy. In addition, many governments require VPN providers to log data. Surfshark makes this possible by using RAM-only servers and deleting your data once you uninstall it. Nonetheless, Surfshark does collect some data, including crash reports and anonymous usage statistics. If you’re concerned about this, you can always opt-out of this feature in your settings.

As a bonus, Surfshark has a generous 30-day money-back guarantee and a free month for referrals. Surfshark also offers native clients for most platforms, including Android, MacOS, and Windows. The apps are easy to use and intuitive to use, and include advanced configuration options, such as Auto-connect and kill switch. Moreover, it offers a Windows app and an Amazon Fire TV Stick app. There are no limitations to the number of connections you can make with Surfshark, so you can choose from several VPN protocols.


If you are looking for a VPN service that is both affordable and secure, consider the Mullvad Easy VPN. It offers a simple signup and login process within the app. Signup involves generating a Mullvad account number. Once your account is set up, you can top it up. Then, whenever you want to access your VPN, you just have to input your account number. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting disconnected while browsing the internet.

You can pay for the service using PayPal, credit card, Swish, or SEPA. Despite this, you can also pay with Bitcoin Cash. You can also use your Mullvad voucher to pay. You don’t have to enter a username and password; you’ll simply be given an account number, which functions as both your username and password. You will receive a new account number each month, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting your password.

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If you’re looking for a reliable VPN service that’s easy to use and doesn’t require advanced knowledge, Mullvad may be the perfect choice for you. This VPN service does have some issues. It doesn’t support streaming services, such as Netflix, and is unusable for many users without expert knowledge. Also, there’s no router app. If Mullvad is able to get a VPN provider listed on the FlashRouters Privacy App, it will be a great help for those new to the VPN industry.

When it comes to security, Mullvad takes security very seriously. Signing up for their service requires no personal information and generates a unique 16-digit account number for you. It also doesn’t log your IP address, DNS requests, bandwidth, or any personal information. You don’t even have to provide a credit card number to create an account, which is another great feature. In the event of an investigation, Mullvad will not be able to turn over any information to any authorities.


If you want to hide your real IP address and access blocked content, you can use a VPN service like Windscribe. There are several advantages of this service and we’ll look at them in this Windscribe review. Users can connect to a secure hotspot without having to pay extra. This feature is currently available only on Android devices, but it’s coming soon to other platforms. We’ll also discuss how to use it with your smart TV.

The interface is quite confusing for new users. It’s cluttered with non-essential information and unintuitive icons. There’s an in-built kill switch, a select server, the active protocol, and a network. It’s hard to know which setting to choose or what to do. While all of these features are helpful, we’d prefer a clearer interface with more graphical cues.

Its privacy policy is pretty straightforward. Unlike other VPN services, Windscribe does not keep user data. It doesn’t log your IP address or historical records of your VPN sessions. Users don’t have to worry about law enforcement or DMCA requests because Windscribe doesn’t record any of that information. You can even pay with Bitcoin, which is another plus. In addition to these great features, Windscribe has a good privacy record.

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Its free plan comes with server locations in over ten countries and allows you to unblock streaming services. However, the free plan only allows you to connect to two devices at once. The service also limits data usage to 2GB per month. It doesn’t offer parental controls, though, so it’s not for everyone. You’ll probably be able to find a server near you. Windscribe’s pricing is flexible, although it’s not particularly cheap. There’s a three-day money-back guarantee.

Easy VPN

The Easy VPN software for Android is a simple app that hides your location and identity from your government and ISP. Although it is aimed at Android users, it is also a good choice for those looking for an affordable VPN service that supports P2P and torrenting. Although Easy VPN has no visiting policy, you will be limited to one day’s bandwidth usage. Moreover, you cannot watch Netflix or iPlayer if you’re abroad. However, it has plenty of positive features.

First of all, the app offers an intuitive interface. It requires no technical knowledge to use the app. Users can simply choose the server they want to connect to and tap on the central icon. Users can also customize the settings. There is also a one-click connection option and a feature that allows Easy VPN to connect automatically every time the device boots. Users also praise the software’s fast speeds and reliable downloads. However, one major disadvantage is the lack of a premium version.

Another drawback is that the Easy VPN only offers support for Android systems and does not focus on a broader range of devices. That said, the VPN offers decent speeds and supports P2P and torrenting. It also has a daily data cap, but it’s still a good deal when compared to other VPNs. However, it is not a top VPN. If you’re looking for a VPN with great speed and privacy, we recommend NordVPN.

As far as the user interface is concerned, SurfEasy is a good option for newcomers. It offers ticket-based support for problems, which is limited to 9-5 hours. Power users may find themselves missing some customization options. Paid plans do not cap bandwidth, and users may notice more multi-factor requests and captchas. So, if you’re a heavy user, Easy VPN is not for you. Also Read : Why Does My Internet Speed Slow Down When Using a VPN?

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