Teltonika & GpsGate Webinar: Fleet Security Uses Cases

Vehicle theft and related criminal activities are costly and, despite some fluctuations, continue to grow worldwide. Did you know that New Zealand had the highest number of car thefts in the world in 2020? Or this one – New Year’s Day was the most popular holiday for vehicle theft in the US the same year.

The purpose of the online session is, together with experts, to discuss in more detail the challenges of fleet security, the most prominent use cases, beneficial features of GPS devices, and the GpsGate fleet tracking platform that will help your business overcome troubles. We also share a customer success story with you. To learn more, watch now the recorded webinar called FLEET SECURITY USE CASES.

00:00 – Introduction
02:42 – Facts about Teltonika
04:18 – GpsGate company introduction
06:39 – Security challenges
09:12 – Fleet security use cases
15:33 – Vehicle GPS trackers used
19:09 – GpsGate fleet tracking platform
27:03 – A customer success story
32:42 – Summary
33:42 – Follow us

GpsGate platform

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