Teltonika RUT950 Cellular Router

The Teltonika RUT950: High-performance Industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital connectivity, the Teltonika RUT950 emerges as a reliable and efficient solution. This high-performance industrial 4G LTE Wi-Fi router is designed to act as a Main/Backup internet source, ensuring a steady and secure internet connection even in the most demanding environments.

What is the Teltonika RUT950?

The RUT950 is an industrial-grade 4G (LTE) router that provides fast and reliable internet connectivity. It comes equipped with four Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, Dual-SIM, and runs on RutOS software for advanced networking solutions. Recognized for its performance in critical cellular communication, the RUT950 is well-suited for professional applications where stable and high-speed connectivity is a must.

Key Features of the Teltonika RUT950

The RUT950 boasts numerous features that enhance its capability and versatility:

  • 4G/LTE Support: The RUT950 supports 4G/LTE, offering fast and reliable internet connectivity. This makes it an excellent choice for primary or backup internet connection.

  • Dual-SIM Functionality: With dual-SIM slots, the RUT950 provides failover capability. If one SIM fails or runs out of data, the router automatically switches to the other SIM, ensuring continuous connectivity.

  • Four Ethernet Ports: With four Ethernet ports, users can connect multiple devices directly to the router.

  • RutOS Software: The RUT950 operates on RutOS, an advanced networking software developed by Teltonika Networks. This software offers a wide array of configuration options and security features.

  • Remote Monitoring & Administration: The RUT950 also supports the Remote Management System (RMS), designed to conveniently monitor and manage all Teltonika networking devices.

Applications of the Teltonika RUT950

The RUT950’s robust feature set makes it suitable for a wide range of applications:

  • Industrial IoT: The RUT950 can be used in industrial IoT applications to provide reliable connectivity for remote monitoring and control of machines and systems.

  • M2M Communication: The RUT950 is an excellent choice for M2M applications, delivering high-performance cellular communication in harsh and wide operating environments.

  • Enterprise Connectivity: With its cellular modem, the RUT950 can provide remote internet connectivity, supporting various devices and enterprise applications.

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The Teltonika RUT950 is a powerful and versatile connectivity solution. Its support for 4G/LTE, dual-SIM functionality, multiple Ethernet ports, and advanced networking software make it a compelling choice for various applications. Whether you’re looking to bolster your enterprise’s internet connectivity or need a reliable solution for industrial IoT or M2M applications, the RUT950 is worth considering.

RUT950 Cellular Router Quick Start Guide

Need some help setting up your new Teltonika Networks RUT950 industrial cellular router? Watch our quick start guide video and follow the step by step instructions to easily set up your new router for operation.

0:00 Introduction
0:07 RUT950 Router box contents
0:53 How to insert SIM cards into RUT950 Router
1:17 Setting up the RUT950 Router
2:00 How to login and set-up RUT950 Router

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