Teltonika Webinar: EYE Beacon & EYE Sensor

Battery lifetime up to 10 years, waterproof casing, stunning features – we invite you to learn about the brand-new Teltonika Telematics Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) connectivity-based accessories EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor.

Our new products are made to diversify your business and bring more value. They both connect to vehicle trackers wirelessly, which assures installation speed, simplicity, flexibility of solutions, and noticeable cost-efficiency.

EYE Beacon, ID radio signal transmitter, is designed to track the location of items of interest, while EYE Sensor allows tracking location as well as multiple parameters, such as temperature, humidity, acceleration, and changes of magnetic field strength.

00:00 – Introduction
01:25 – Benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy solutions
03:56 – New family members: EYE Beacon & EYE Sensor
15:08 – Teltonika ecosystem: Dedicated FM firmware features
18:03 – Business Cases
25:51 – Summary


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