Tesla provider Panasonic wants further $4 billion U.S. EV battery plant

A Kansas battery manufacturing plant is already approved, but Panasonic wishes to develop an additional facility on US soil.

Battery maker, Panasonic, is reportedly conducting negotiations to build a third electric vehicle battery plant within the US.

The Japanese business currently jointly operates a battery manufacturing plant with Tesla in Nevada, and also has earned approval to build a secondary battery manufacturing facility in Kansas. That being said, as The Wall Street Journal The Wall Street Journal says, persons familiar with the issue believe Panasonic would like to establish a third factory, and also wants to invest yet another $4 billion in the process.

Probably the most probable place for this third factory is Oklahoma, and it would likely work as a twin to the Kansas plant. Each will generate brand new EV batteries at the same rate to stay on top of expanding need for the cars. The Kansas factory is likewise anticipated to be worth $4 billion and generate 8,000 jobs while doing so. Oklahoma would undoubtedly enjoy a quite similar rise to local employment if the new plant progresses.

In the meantime, nobody is commenting, including Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. Even so, it’s worth noting that EV startup Canoo is gearing up to commence manufacturing cars at a manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, and the company signed a battery supply deal with Panasonic in 2021. Canoo is additionally set to supply Walmart with 4,500 all-electric delivery automobiles next year.

Back in February, Panasonic declared that it would begin assembly-line production of Tesla’s new 4680 battery at the end of March 2024. However, that manufacturing is preparing for new lines at the company’s Wakayama plant within Japan.

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The all new facility in Kansas, and also now likely Oklahoma, will likely additionally manufacture the 4680 batteries when they come online, which Tesla announces are vital if we want electric vehicles that set you back $25,000.

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