Cyber crime classes at the Institute of Applied Technology in Meadowbank


Like a battlefield with moving boundaries, the fight to keep our data safe is constantly changing. And for the first time in Australia, a cyber training school in Sydney is preparing students for the fight ahead to keep our information safe from hackers.

Cyber crime classes at the Institute of Applied Technology in Meadowbank are designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to protect our data from cyber criminals. The courses cover topics such as computer technology, cybercrime and cybercriminal issues, white-collar crime, enterprise cybersecurity management, digital forensics and more. Students will also learn how to analyse cyber crime and its targets, as well as understand how cyber criminals operate and the traces they leave behind.

The Institute of Applied Technology offers two certifications: I4C Certified Specialist and I4C Certified Expert. These certifications are recognized by law enforcement agencies across Australia and provide students with the necessary skills to conduct investigations into cybercrime. The courses also include free online training with a certificate, which will help students gain an understanding of what is cyber crime and how it works.

At the Institute of Applied Technology in Meadowbank, students can rest assured that their data is safe from hackers thanks to the comprehensive training they receive in these Cyber Crime Classes. With this knowledge, they can help prevent future attacks on our data systems and protect us all from becoming victims of cybercrime.

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