The BEST VPN in 2022 | Ultimate Comparison of TOP 4 VPNs

The BEST VPN in 2022 Review Comparison – Here are the overall top 4 VPNs in the industry. These are also ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security

So with the oversaturation of VPNs, in today’s industry, it can get very confusing as to which VPN is actually worth your money to many VPNs end up collecting and selling your data, especially the free ones, which really defies the very purpose of using a VPN in the first place.

So in today’s review, I’ve chosen the top for VPN, after having tested over a couple of dozen VPNs, narrowing it down to just four, I’ll be looking into things like the privacy policy, speed streaming and torrenting capabilities and of course, security and features so that you can figure out which one of these VPNs could be the best choice for you and your situation.

Alright, so starting with the privacy policy, which is arguably the most important aspect of a VPN. Now, most VPNs do claim a no logs policy, but actually, that’s almost never the case. So you should never trust a provider’s word for it unless they have the evidence to back their claims up.

And in this case, all for VPNs have evidence of upholding their no logs policies in the form of independent audit reports. So when using any of these VPNs, your internet service provider won’t be able to see what you’re doing and won’t be able to request any data from them since they don’t keep any logs in the first place.

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But overall Express tends to be the most expensive, the lowest price you can get for ExpressVPN is a little over six and a half dollars per month for the One Year Plan Nords in the middle price wise coming in at about $4 a month for a two year plan to surf shark is a little under $2 and a half per month for the two year plan.

And finally, CyberGhost being the cheapest option if you offer the two year plan at just under 250 a month. So if you’re looking for the lowest cost option for a great VPN, surf shark and CyberGhost would definitely be the way to go.

And again, remember to check the links below for an extra discount on each of these and keep in mind the offer a hassle free 30 day money back guarantee on all of their plans, though with CyberGhost, you do get a 45 day money back guarantee. And they all include 24/7 live chat support in case you need any help or have any questions. I’m just here to tell you guys about what I think are the best four VPNs out there, and you can do what you will with that information.

But these are the top four VPNs and these are the ones that I usually recommend to family and friends. So when people ask me which VPN to get, it’s typically one of these four let me know which one you picked in the comments down below. And why I’d love to know why you guys use VPNs in the first place besides the obvious reasons, but other one Thank you guys so much for watching the video. I hope I was able to help you make a good decision or final decision rather, if you found this information helpful, please leave a thumbs up as that always makes my day and remember to subscribe if you’d like to stay up to date with everything VPNs and cybersecurity. Otherwise, thank you guys very much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.

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