Introducing the TRB2 LTE Gateways | Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks introducing the TRB2 LTE Gateway series!

These powerful all-in-one industrial cellular gateways are equipped with multiple Inputs/Outputs, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet interfaces.

With 4G LTE, LTE Cat M1 & NB-IoT these devices are the perfect solution for remote infrastructure monitoring and control.

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Designed for industrial machinery, TRB2 LTE Gateways feature a powerful Remote Management System (RMS). This software helps operators control and configure connected devices from a central HQ control room. The RMS also helps users manage the device remotely. It is capable of monitoring and controlling machines and applications across a wide range of locations, reducing operating costs. Learn more about the benefits of TRB2 gateways below.

A 4G (LTE) gateway is a device that integrates legacy or modern industrial equipment. The device is backward-compatible with EGPRS (2G) networks, and it can seamlessly switch between these connectivity options. The TRB255 also features industrial-grade features. Its two SIM slots and 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN port make it an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.


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