ChatGPT unleashed: Hackers use OpenAI to create malware


This week, we brings a critical yet enthralling topic to the limelight – hackers using ChatGPT. What is it, you might ask? It is the OpenAI tool that has the potential to generate texts based on human requests. What could be more promising and perhaps even scary than artificial intelligence? Unsurprisingly, cybercriminals have seized this opportunity to craft new malicious threats with the help of ChatGPT software. So what does it all mean for us? This state-of-the-art AI technology poses great dangers by assisting criminals in building malware and escalating their operations. It is high time we educate ourselves about AI so that we can stay ahead of these bad actors. To get started, watch the video from cybernews today and gain insightful information about automated text generation tools such as ChatGPT and its future in terms of security risk that looms over us.

Contents of the video:

00:00 Intro
00:17 What is ChatGPT, and how hackers use it
01:55 How hackers will use ChatGPT in the future


A fantastic invention is ChatGPT. Unfortunately, hackers also believe that. How do criminals employ OpenAI in their wicked schemes?

According to cybersecurity researchers, hackers have begun utilising ChatGPT, an artificially intelligent chatbot, to create a variety of hacking tools. Basic harmful software or chatbots created to imitate others fall under this category. This AI tool, introduced in November 2022, has a relatively straightforward user interface. ChatGPT responds to your request when you write it in. Sadly, OpenAI turns into a weapon when the request has malicious intent.

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Israeli security firm Check Point claims that on dark web message boards, hackers discuss their “victories” from using ChatGPT. Just a few of the nefarious accomplishments include developing spyware, infostealers, and interfaces that resemble dark web markets. Forbes claims that dating con artists are also learning about the benefits of OpenAI technology. Hold Security’s founder, Alex Holden, asserts that they seek to develop chatbots that will mostly imitate women in order to advance conversations with their targets.

What is in store for the future? Do we need to worry?

For the time being, ChatGPT-based malware is rather simple. However, according to Checkpoint, it is just a matter of time until more knowledgeable threat actors improve the way they exploit AI-based technologies for evil. Regulations appear to be the only workable approach. This suggests that ChatGPT’s accessibility might be restricted. That pricing is not excessive. Always put cybersafety first.



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