TikTok challenge gone WRONG: Hackers are spreading malware

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Have you taken the “Invisible Body” challenge on TikTok? Evidently, con artists started using it frequently. They disseminate malware via TikTok’s unseen challenge. How do hackers exactly seduce their victims? What are the repercussions? Find out right now.

Contents of the video:

00:00 What is “Invisible Body” TikTok challenge?
00:00 How hackers use the “Invisible Body” challenge for scams
00:00 Why do such scams attract people?

This video discusses the “Invisible Body” challenge scam on TikTok. Users of TikTok are urged to record naked videos of themselves and use the “Invisible Body” filter as part of the “The Invisible Body” challenge. All that is left behind is the body’s silhouette. Sounds like fun, right? The cybercriminals concur. Forbes claims that hackers are taking advantage of this fad by publishing movies that promise to remove the filter and dupe viewers into thinking they will instead see naked bodies. Installing the “special” software is all that is required of the users.
I mean malware. “The WASP stealer” is the name of it. This spyware steals credit cards, cryptocurrency wallets, and Discord accounts.

The Hacker news states: “The TikTok videos posted by the attackers … are estimated to have reached over a million views.” Before they have been suspended, of course. But, the same scam is still spreading. So why exactly does it attract victims?

Jamie Akhtar, the CEO of CyberSmart, says, “By offering a potential tool that could ‘unfilter’ the effect, threat actors prey on people’s curiosity, fear, and even their malicious side to download it.”
Curiosity killed the cat, they say? Stepping into someone else’s business and searching for illegal workarounds could get you in trouble. So stay in your lane and use online protection at all times.

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