RUT300 – Industrial Ethernet Router

The RUT300 is a small, but powerful Ethernet router perfect for challenging industrial networking tasks as well as general networking applications.

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The RUT300 Industrial Ethernet Router is a compact, rugged Ethernet router designed to meet the demanding needs of the most demanding industrial applications. Its compact size, high-quality components, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies make it the ideal solution for tough environments. This device supports a wide range of power supply voltages, including 7 to 30 V, and supports passive PoE, reducing the complexity of deployment. Its convenient DIN rail mounting design allows it to be mounted in almost any location.

This industrial Ethernet router is designed with five fast Ethernet ports and two configurable digital inputs. It is a great choice for industrial environments that need high data-speeds and WIFI connectivity. The RutOS operating system is based on Linux OpenWRT, and the RUT300 is preconfigured with RutOS. It is fully configurable and comes with a firewall. The Teltonika RUT300 is ideal for industries that do not require WIFI connectivity.

The RUT300 Industrial Ethernet Router is designed for industrial use, with its high performance and ruggedness making it the ideal replacement for existing automation switches. It can replace Siemens Scalance and Rockwell Stratix automation switches, but users must be sure to configure the correct model and version of the routers. Another feature of this router is its support for openWRT syntax and EU directives for used electronics.

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