Apple launches new iPhone technology that could potentially save your life


Apple launches satellite emergency SOS service in Australia and New Zealand

Apple has launched groundbreaking technology in Australia where iPhone 14 users can connect to emergency services when they’re out of mobile phone and Wi-Fi range using satellites.

Apple has recently launched its satellite-based emergency SOS service in Australia and New Zealand, providing a much needed lifeline for those living in rural or remote areas. The service allows users of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models to text emergency services when they are out of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

The new technology is a partnership between Apple and a world-class satellite network provider, allowing users to access emergency services from just about anywhere on the planet. Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature lets anyone with an iPhone 14 call for help when lost or hurt away from cell reception, making it an invaluable tool for those living in locations with poor cellular coverage.

When compared to traditional emergency services networks available on a cellular phone, the response time and accuracy of Apple’s SOS service is unparalleled. According to an Apple executive discussing the launch, “This step will ensure that individuals living in rural or remote regions of Australia and New Zealand have access to advanced technology that can help keep them safe. We are proud to be democratizing access to emergency services with this innovative technology.”

The importance of this launch cannot be overstated; it provides thousands of Australians and New Zealanders who live in rural or remote areas with a reliable way to contact emergency services if they find themselves in danger. With Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite feature now available, these individuals can rest assured knowing that help is only a few clicks away. Read more

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