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In this video, we present some recent findings from a stolen credit cards analysis conducted by independent researchers. We discovered interesting and shocking statistics as well as the calculated risk indexes of various countries.

NordVPN conducted research and analyzed the statistical data gathered by independent researchers. The analyzed database consisted of over four and a half million cards. It helped us to evaluate the scope of credit card hacking and come up with some interesting results. We also calculated the risk indexes of various countries.

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00:30 Our findings
01:14 Threats of brute force attacks
01:42 Tips to stay safe


Hey Nordies,

While you may feel perfectly safe when you have your credit card at hand, it is not always true. Your data can still float in the deep and murky waters of the dark web.

NordVPN’s recent research reveals some eye-opening statistics about credit card safety.

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Now let’s get back to business. NordVPN crew analyzed statistical data gathered by independent researchers specializing in payment card thefts.

The researchers evaluated a database that contained the details of almost four and a half million of cards in total. Just keep in mind that the data we received from them did not contain any personally identifiable info.

It helped us to measure the statistical scope of card hacking.

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We calculated the risk index of card scams in various countries by calculating the number of cards in the database per capita, number of cards in circulation and the proportion of non-refundable cards in certain countries. You can find our interactive map here.

The research also established several facts.

Fact number one. An average price for the payment card’s data is 10 euros and hackers sell millions of those.

Fact number two. Visa cards were most commonly sold in comparison to other brands.

Fact number three. Debit cards were more often on sale as they usually have weaker protection systems than credit cards.

Fact number four. The independent researchers found 1,561,739 sets of card details for sale on the dark web from the US during their research — far more than anywhere else.

However, hackers can obtain card data not only through breached and leaked databases, but by using brute forcing techniques.

It’s basically a really advanced mode of guessing performed by computers making thousands of attempts per second.

This method doesn’t target specific individuals, but rather tries to come up with viable credit card combinations to sell. A successful brute force attack can take a few seconds.

While there is not much users can do to protect themselves from these processes, here are a few tips that organizations should follow.

Firstly, they should implement stronger password systems, and users themselves should use strong passwords,

Secondly, banks should consider implementing multi-factor authentication systems to enhance security.

And finally, they should use the most up-to-date tools for fraud detection.

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Stay safe!

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