The location-tracking lawsuit: What did Google do to pay $391 million?

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Cybernews return with another widely discussed topic. Google will be paying $391.5 million after losing a class action lawsuit. What mistakes has the company made? How will they affect Google’s actions in the future? Watch the video and find out.


Contents of the video:

00:00 Intro
00:13 Why will Google be paying $391 million?
00:58 The company’s response to the incident


This week’s cybernews discusses the payout of 391 million dollars that Google will have to make in order to settle multiple lawsuits in 40 states across the U.S.

It all started in 2018 when a report from The Associated Press revealed that Google recorded users’ location. Even after they specifically turned this setting off. According to Forbes, “While Location History settings were off by default, Web & App Activity, a separate setting, was automatically switched on when users set up their Google account.” Because of the misleading tracking practice, the company will have to pay a class-action lawsuit. People in 40 states across the U.S. will share the 391.5 million dollars.

What was Google’s reaction? According to Reuters, Google will be “making updates in the coming months to provide even greater controls and transparency over location data.”

Obviously, the company wants to fix its wrongdoings.

Google spokesperson Jose Castañeda said, “Consistent with improvements we’ve made in recent years, we have settled this investigation, which was based on outdated product policies that we changed years ago.” Google has just learned a very expensive lesson. And the lesson that users can learn is that online privacy is a serious matter. Source:

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