Pepsi Data Breach

During a malware assault, Pepsi Bottling Ventures experiences a data breach. When news of the company’s plans to compensate clients for the stolen data spreads. The list of stolen data is extensive and unsettling. Depending on the individual, it might have contained first and last names, residential and email addresses, information about bank accounts, including a few passwords, PIN codes, or other access numbers.

Pepsi Data Breach

Pepsi Bottling Ventures suffers a data breach after a malware attack. As reports surface of the company’s plans to reimburse customers for the stolen data.

The list of information stolen is long and scary. It varies by individual, but it may have included first and last names, home and email addresses, financial account data, including a limited number of passwords, PIN codes, or other access numbers.

Pepsi Bottling Ventures Reports Data Breach, Offers Year-Long Identity Monitoring Services

Pepsi Bottling Ventures recently announced a data breach that exposed employee information, highlighting the importance of data security and the need to protect against identity theft. To help employees protect their identity, Pepsi Bottling Ventures is offering a year-long identity monitoring service.

Law enforcement have been notified of the security incident while identity monitoring services are being provided ‘free of cost’ for one year for any individuals affected by this breach. Pepsi Bottling Ventures advises caution when disclosing personal information online or over email as a precautionary measure due to this incident. However, it is important to note that not all information was exposed in this data breach – only the confidential details of certain employees.

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In Short

These events demonstrate the importance of data security and identity theft protection, as evidenced by Pepsi Bottling Ventures’ data breach. We invite you read Get Hitch to learn more about data security and identity theft. Let’s work together to ensure our data is safe and secure. To get started on protecting your identity today, sign up for NordVPN services now!

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