Teltonika EYE Beacon & EYE Sensor – Out Of The Box #1

Introducing brand new Teltonika Telematics video series called Out Of The Box! They will help you understand what to expect when buying our products, their main features and use cases.

This time we are unboxing Teltonika EYE accessories. They offer almost unlimited possibilities for fleet management and can significantly expand the variety of projects. They are wireless and super easy to mount. Robust and waterproof IP67 casing enhances their longevity.

When combined with vehicle GPS trackers, EYE Beacon is designed to identify and track the location of items of interest. Meanwhile, the EYE Sensor allows tracking not only location but also multiple parameters such as item temperature, humidity, acceleration, and changes in magnetic field strength.

These handy devices can be used to track goods and assets, improve fleet security by adding an extra layer of safety, monitor vehicle door status, etc. Watch this unboxing video to find out more.

00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Unboxing EYE accessories
01:20 – Main features
01:41 – Mounting options
02:09 – Testing IP67-certified casing
02:32 – Use cases
03:09 – Teltonika EYE App
03:37 – Subscribe


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