League of Legends breach: Hackers blackmail Riot Games

League of Legends, one of the world’s most popular video games, was recently the target of a security breach. Hackers were able to gain access to Riot Games’ internal systems and steal source code for the game. The hackers are now attempting to blackmail Riot Games for $10 million in exchange for not leaking the stolen source code.

Riot Games has confirmed that some player account information was illegally accessed and that cheats have been developed as a result of the breach. The company is warning players to be vigilant when it comes to their accounts and is actively working on patching any vulnerabilities in its system.

The security breach at Riot Games serves as a reminder that no system is ever completely secure. It also highlights how important it is for companies to take cyber security seriously and invest in measures to protect their systems from malicious actors.

This week, we focus on Riot Games’ hack. A social engineering attack occurred against the company behind games including League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runettera, and others. The business is currently under threat from cybercriminals leaking the LoL source code. What is the main goal of the hackers? What response did Riot Games give to this breach? Watch the video to learn more.

Contents of the video:
00:10 Intro
00:11 What hackers demand from Riot Games
01:04 How the company responded to the ransom note

The source code for League of Legends was allegedly going to be released by the hackers who broke into the Riot Games database. They are asking for $10 million. Riot Games issued a post on Twitter on January 20 in which it claimed to have been the victim of a social engineering attempt. The developer reassured users that their personal information was unaffected by the hack. Hackers issued a demand for $10 million four days later.

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The ransom note that said that ‘we have obtained your priceless data, including the precious anti-cheat source code and the whole game code for League of Legends and its tools, as well as Packman, your usermode anti-cheat.’

The letter was sent along with a PDF file that demonstrated the legitimacy of the claim. The hackers claimed that they were only acting for financial gain and had no intention of harming the reputation of the business. What response did Riot Games give?

There are claims that Riot Games will not make any payment. LoL is, after all, a cost-free game. The developer is nevertheless concerned. The business stated that any source code disclosure can actually enhance the likelihood of additional cheats developing. The developer of League of Legends, Valorant, and Legends of Runettera currently has nothing to do but keep up its internal security improvements.

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