Teltonika Webinar: New IP67 Waterproof GPS Trackers

Did you know that Teltonika Telematics waterproof GPS trackers with a new IP67-rated casing can create more value for your customers?

Rigorously tested and certified casing makes certain the GPS device will work even in demanding climatic environments and challenging weather, e.g., monsoon seasons, humid subtropical or oceanic climate, sandstorms and/or dusty winds. For that reason, these products can expand business opportunities, opening up new market segments, profitable IoT projects and revenue streams.

To learn more, watch now the recorded webinar called NEW IP67 WATERPROOF GPS TRACKERS.

00:00 – Introduction
01:20 – New IP67 rated GPS tracker series
03:46 – Casing structure and key features
07:18 – Demo of the new click type casing
08:54 – Cable types and mounting options
09:56 – The most common use cases
14:29 – Summary
15:04 – Follow us

FMB225 –
FMB230 –
FMB240 –
FMC225 –
FMC230 –
FMM230 –


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