Teltonika Webinar Conquer The E-Mobility Market With The TFT100 And FMB930 Trackers


Teltonika Telematics offers multifunctional high-voltage GPS tracking devices – TFT100 and FMB930 – to help you conquer the booming e-mobility market. This webinar with global e-mobility market insights, TFT100 and FMB930 trackers tech highlights, use cases and success stories will help you better understand how to benefit from using these trackers and what values they bring.

00:06 – Intro
00:42 – Agenda
01:22 – Global e-mobility market insights
02:20 – Electric 2Ws vs. Petrol 2Ws
04:15 – Electric vehicle types
06:54 – Overview of the TFT100 & FMB930 trackers
07:28 – FMB930 overview
08:42 – TFT100 overview
10:08 – Key feature comparison
12:48 – Added value for IoT projects
15:25 – Use cases and customer success stories
24:32 – Closing words

TFT100 And FMB930 Devices

Teltonika TFT100: Empowering Fleet Management with Advanced Tracking Technology

Fleet management is a critical aspect of many industries, and having reliable and efficient tracking solutions is essential for optimizing operations. Teltonika Telematics, a leading provider of IoT solutions, introduces the Teltonika TFT100, a cutting-edge tracking device designed to revolutionize fleet management.

Enhancing Fleet Visibility

The Teltonika TFT100 offers real-time tracking capabilities, allowing fleet managers to have full visibility and control over their vehicles. With its high-precision GPS technology, the TFT100 provides accurate location data, enabling businesses to monitor assets, enhance route planning, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Advanced Features for Fleet Optimization

Equipped with advanced features, the TFT100 goes beyond basic tracking. It offers a wide range of functionalities that empower fleet managers to maximize productivity and reduce costs. The device supports driver behavior monitoring, enabling businesses to analyze driving patterns, identify improvements, and promote safer driving practices.

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Additionally, the TFT100 facilitates remote diagnostics, allowing fleet managers to monitor vehicle health and detect any potential issues proactively. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also minimizes vehicle downtime, ensuring optimal fleet performance.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

Teltonika understands the importance of seamless integration into existing fleet management systems. The TFT100 is designed to work in synergy with Teltonika’s comprehensive fleet management software, providing a unified platform for monitoring and managing fleet operations. Furthermore, the device offers compatibility with third-party applications and APIs, accommodating diverse business requirements and ensuring scalability.

Robust Construction for Reliable Performance

The TFT100 is built with durability in mind, featuring a rugged design that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance even in challenging operational settings. With the TFT100, businesses can rely on uninterrupted tracking capabilities, regardless of the terrain or climate.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

Data security is a top priority in the IoT landscape. The Teltonika TFT100 incorporates advanced security measures, including encryption protocols and secure communication channels, to safeguard sensitive fleet data. This ensures that information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Future-Proofing with Over-the-Air Updates

Teltonika is committed to providing continuous improvements and feature enhancements for its devices. With over-the-air updates, the TFT100 can receive firmware updates remotely, ensuring that businesses always have access to the latest functionalities and security patches. This future-proofing capability keeps fleets up-to-date and ready to adapt to evolving industry demands.

In conclusion, the Teltonika TFT100 is a game-changer in the world of fleet management. With its advanced tracking technology, comprehensive features, seamless integration options, robust construction, and commitment to data security, the TFT100 empowers businesses to optimize their fleet operations, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

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Teltonika FMB930: Revolutionizing Tracking for Electric Two-Wheelers

In today’s world of efficient transportation, electric two-wheelers are gaining popularity for their eco-friendly and economical advantages. To optimize the tracking and management of these vehicles, Teltonika Telematics introduces the Teltonika FMB930, a small and smart GPS tracker specifically designed for electric two-wheelers.

Boost Efficiency with Smart Features

The Teltonika FMB930 is equipped with a range of intelligent features that enhance efficiency and effectiveness. With Bluetooth connectivity, the device allows seamless communication with compatible devices, enabling easy pairing and data transfer. Additionally, the FMB930 supports internal backup battery functionality, ensuring continuous tracking even if the power source is disconnected.

Remote Deploy and Maintenance

One of the standout features of the FMB930 is the ability to remotely deploy and maintain Teltonika GPS trackers using the FOTA WEB platform. This over-the-air firmware update solution boosts convenience and saves valuable time by eliminating the need for manual updates and physical access to the device.

Compact and Reliable Design

The FMB930 is designed to meet the specific requirements of electric two-wheelers. Its small form factor and lightweight design make it ideal for installations where space is limited. Moreover, the device has a low power consumption of only 1mA, thanks to its innovative Power Off sleep mode. This ensures minimal impact on the vehicle’s battery life while providing reliable tracking capabilities.

Advanced Safety and Security Measures

Teltonika understands the importance of safety and security when it comes to tracking vehicles. The FMB930 incorporates various features to promote safe driving practices and protect against unauthorized access. It offers capabilities such as eco/green driving monitoring, over-speeding alerts, network jamming detection, immobilizer functionality, and GNSS fuel counter for efficient fuel management.

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Seamless Integration with Telematics Platforms

The FMB930 is supported by numerous telematics platforms, including Navixy and Wialon Data Center. This compatibility allows businesses to seamlessly integrate the FMB930 into their existing fleet management systems, leveraging the full potential of the device’s tracking capabilities.


The Teltonika FMB930 sets a new standard for tracking devices designed specifically for electric two-wheelers. With its smart features, compact design, remote deployment and maintenance capabilities, and advanced safety measures, the FMB930 empowers businesses to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and enhance safety.

As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation solutions, the Teltonika FMB930 proves to be an invaluable tool for fleet managers and telematics service providers alike. Embrace the power of efficient tracking with Teltonika’s innovative FMB930 and unlock the full potential of your electric two-wheeler fleet.

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