Teltonika Webinar – FMC920 And FMM920 Trackers: The Legend Continues

Discover the Future of 4G LTE IoT Market: FMC920 & FMM920 Trackers

Did you know that the global 4G LTE IoT market is projected to be worth nearly $3 billion by 2023? As the world embraces 4G networks, fleet managers and telematics service providers are actively seeking solutions that can support current and future applications.

To address this growing demand, Teltonika Telematics brings you the FMC920 and FMM920 trackers. These models are specifically designed for LTE Cat 1 and LTE Cat M1 networks, offering advanced features, benefits, and use cases to help your business thrive in the evolving IoT landscape.

Join us for an online session where industry experts will delve into the latest market insights, discuss the impending shutdown of 2G networks, and introduce the new FMx920 models. Discover the exceptional features and benefits these trackers offer, and explore popular use cases that can revolutionize your business.

To gain valuable knowledge and insights, watch the recorded webinar titled “FMC920 & FMM920 TRACKERS: THE LEGEND CONTINUES.” Equip your business with the tools and information needed to stay ahead in the dynamic world of IoT.

The purpose of the online session is, together with experts, to discuss in more detail related market insights, the upcoming 2G shutdown, introduce new FMx920 models for LTE Cat 1 and LTE Cat M1 networks, their features, benefits, and popular use cases to help your business get ready and grow. To learn more, watch now the recorded webinar called FMC920 & FMM920 TRACKERS: THE LEGEND CONTINUES.

00:00 – Introduction
02:30 – Helpful 4G LTE market insights
04:23 – Upcoming 2G sunset
08:21 – FMC920 and FMM920 features
12:12 – Added value
15:52 – Popular use cases
23:35 – Summary
24:32 – Follow us

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