How to use a tracker blocker and block cookies in your browser

One of the components of the NordVPN Threat Prevention tool is the tracker blocker. You can use it to increase your online privacy and stop invasive trackers with just a few clicks! Get a detailed explanation on how to prevent trackers by watching this video right away.

Protect your privacy with NordVPN tracker blocker
NordVPN Threat Protection – an extra layer of online security

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00:00 Intro
00:09 What is web tracking?
00:31 What is NordVPN tracker blocker, and how to use it?

Would you consent to being followed or tracked when online? People frequently accept trackers online without giving them a second thought. So what are the benefits of utilising a tracker blocker? As a first step, let’s define online tracking. Websites frequently employ third-party trackers that gather information about you without your knowledge. This includes details about your surfing patterns, the websites you visit, and your hardware. Your information might then be used to target you with obtrusive advertisements. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

The NordVPN tracker blocker is useful in this situation. It is a threat security programme that prevents trackers from tracing your online activities. How do you activate it? Really, it only takes a few clicks: open the NordVPN app, select the shield symbol, and turn on Threat Protection. With NordVPN’s tracker blocker, stop invasive tracking. What Is A VPN And Why Would You Want To Use One?


A component of the online security business Nord Security, which aims to give consumers all the essential tools for online safety, is NordVPN. The top VPN service in the world, NordVPN, shields millions of internet users each day. In order to ensure that our users may browse the internet safely and securely, NordVPN uses cutting-edge technological solutions. According to the most recent performance testing, NordVPN has overtaken other VPNs as the fastest VPN on the planet because of one of these cutting-edge methods, NordLynx, a Wireguard-based tunnelling solution.

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