Bot Market Research: How Hackers Perform Digital Identity Thefts


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According to industry studies on bots, not all digital bots are benign; many of them have malevolent purpose. On several bot markets, hackers sell malware bot logs, endangering your online identity. How does a bot market operate? What is it? Watch the video to learn more.


Contents of the video:

00:00 What is a bot market?
00:15 How are the bots created?
00:35 How do bot markets operate?


Bot markets are online shops where hackers sell data that has been stolen from computers. Each bot log sold on a bot market may contain different personal information, such as logins to social media or email accounts or bank account information. How do the bots get made?

Data stolen from a user’s device by malicious software is what bot logs or bots are all about. The victim’s digital identity is created using all of this stolen data. It is referred to as a bot because of this. The victim is frequently unaware of the theft.

Malware behaves like a seasoned burglar. Every valuable piece of information you own could be extracted, including browser cookies, digital fingerprints, logins, and autofill data. The virus may even capture a screenshot of your computer.

Following the theft, the software transmits the stolen information to a hacker, who subsequently posts it to a bot market. Within minutes, a victim’s online identity might be sold on the internet. Blockchain is the sole method of payment in bot markets. Only cryptocurrencies, no credit cards or banks. That is obviously done to protect everyone’s anonymity. What number of bot markets exist? Three of them: 2Easy, Genesis, and the Russian market, are the subject of the investigation.

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The precise number of bot markets selling stolen data is yet unknown. The majority of bot markets need either a sign-up fee or an invitation from a fellow community member. Therefore, getting to them is not that easy. Bot marketplaces pose a significant risk to your security, thus we don’t advise using them.


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