TSW110 – L2 Unmanaged Industrial Switch

TSW110 is a layer 2 unmanaged switch, which is a simplified version of our earlier product – TSW100.

More about TSW110 – https://teltonika-networks.com/product/tsw110/

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The Teltonika TSW110 L2 Unmanaged Industrial switch is a five-port, high-capacity layer-2 unmanaged switch for high-bandwidth industrial applications. It has a wide variety of power supply voltages and supports a wide range of Ethernet standards. With a low total cost of ownership, this product is an ideal choice for industrial applications.

This industrial switch offers a variety of connectivity options to suit the unique needs of a manufacturing facility. Its five ports are perfect for connecting multiple computers, network devices, and more. All of the connected devices must have Gigabit network cards to be connected to the switch. In addition, a few optional items are available, such as a rackmount bracket, which allows you to mount it in any position.

The TSW110 L2 Unmanaged Industrial switch features a modular design that lets you customize its network with up to three network modules, providing 24 Ethernet ports and fourteen Fast Ethernet ports. The modular network switch provides the flexibility to add more network modules as needed. Depending on the application, the modular configuration offers a high level of flexibility. Compared to standard switches, this industrial switch offers the most flexibility for any application.

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