iPhone 15! Apple CONFIRMS USB-C For iPhone!


It’s FINALLY happening…according to Apple they will be bringing USB-C to iPhone after so many years. Plus, news about a 16-inch iPad and the upcoming M2 Extreme Mac Pro.

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iPhones will get USB C charging after Apple says it will have to comply with EU law

The company is seemingly unhappy with having to make the switch and said there is no other choice.

Yes its happening. According to Apple they will be bringing USB Type-C to the iPhone after so long. Apple has announced that the iPhone will get USB C due to the EUs new laws.

The new rules stipulate that all phones sold in EU countries must use USB Type C if they have a physical charger.Companies will have until Autumn 2024 to comply. Apple might not include the connector on iPhones sold outside the EU.

USB-C is also referred to as Type-C, USB Type C or USB C. The law was recently passed in the European Parliament and it will require all mobile phones, tablets and also cameras sold in the EU to have a USB C charging port by the end of 2024.

This also extends to laptops by mid-2026, and is aimed at decreasing e-waste and also encouraging consumers to choose more sustainable choices.

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Read More: https://www.forbes.com/sites/gordonkelly/2022/10/26/apple-iphone-usb-c-lighting-port-new-usb-c-iphone-15-pro-max-ultra/

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