Most popular cybersecurity myths BUSTED!

The internet is full of cybersecurity myths that can put you at risk. In this video, a cybersecurity expert debunks cybersecurity myths so you can feel safe when surfing the web. Check out this video and find out how much you know about cybersecurity! Grab NordVPN here!


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How much do you know about cybersecurity? Let’s test your knowledge!

6 Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Listed below are six common cybersecurity risks that are busted in the above video.

1. Myth: I Never Go To Shady Websites, So I Am Not At Risk

Busted: No hackers do not need to rely on your browser to attack you. A lot of malware attacks are initiated when the user clicks on a suspicious link in their email inbox.

2. Myth: I Am Totally Safe On My Smartphone

Busted: No sorry but unfortunately, you are not safe on your smartphone. Does your phone have anything resembling an operating system? If the answer is yes (and with smartphones the answer is yes) then it can get hacked. No matter what type the device is.

3. Myth: My Antivirus Has Me Fully Protected, So I Do Not Need To Worry

Busted: Congratulations using an antivirus is fantastic! However unfortunately, viruses are not the only threats online. Social engineering attacks can do just as much if not more damage.

4. Myth: I Know My Computer And Would Notice if It Was Infected

Busted: A lot of malware is sneaky. It isn’t all bright “You have a Virus!!!” warnings flashing on your screen. Malware can lay dormant for months until you do something to activate it. It can also run in the background for months without being noticed.

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5. Myth: Hackers Are Not Interested In What I Am Doing, So They Won’t Target Me

Busted: This is only partly correct. A criminal will not necessarily interested in hacking you or your devices specifically. However this does not mean that you cannot be hacked. Cybercriminals tend to cast a wide net targeting thousands, or more, people at a time. The people who have less security measures are basically more likely to fall victim to a cyberattack.

6. Myth: A Strong Password Is All That I Really Need

Busted: This is a good start, having a strong password, but it isn’t good enough, especially if you ever reuse it over and over for different accounts. If cybersecurity is beginning to become like a bit of a headache, we understand. Do not panic, you have quite a few options to increase your online security. Having a password manager, for example, will help you protect every account that you have with a strong and unique password. And it goes without saying that an app like NordVPN will secure your device while you surf online!


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