TCR100 – 4G Wi-Fi Router for Home User

Reliable, secure, and easy to use – TCR100 is the perfect choice for any home network.

The TCR100 4G Wi-Fi Routed is a new model from Telonika Networks. It supports 4G LTE-A technology and is designed to serve as a backup or primary connection for up to 50 devices. Its compact and robust design makes it easy to use. Its physical interface is simple and easy to understand, with a user-friendly web interface to set up and configure the router.

The TCR100 is designed with ease in mind, with a simple WiFi button, a WPS button, and an indicator light for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Its easy-to-use interface and advanced security features make it a great option for any home user. The Teltonika TCR100 4G Wi-Fi Routed offers reliability and security and is easy to setup.

This new Teltonika TCR100 4G Wi-Fi router is designed with the needs of the home user in mind. With its dual-band Wi-Fi, it is able to support a wide range of devices, including 4G LTE-A. With its custom permissions and accessibility settings, it is perfect for the home user. The TCR100 has a SIM card slot for adding an extra SIM card to access the internet.

The TCR100 is easy to setup and has multiple configuration options. It is based on the RutOS operating system, allowing for multiple connections. The firmware for this router is regularly updated to avoid potential security vulnerabilities and provide the most current features. This makes it a great choice for those who need advanced security. A high-speed Internet connection is vital for a home user, so the TCR100 is well suited to meet those needs.

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