Teltonika & 3Dtracking Webinar: EYE Sensors On 3Dtracking Platform

Bluetooth Low Energy accessories with an IoT platform open up great business opportunities. From various asset identification to non-powered equipment tracking, Teltonika EYE accessories help to run fleet operations more efficiently and save costs.

The purpose of this online session is to discuss how Teltonika EYE Beacons and EYE Sensors can solve business challenges the easy way in a variety of usage scenarios. We also share a live demo of the 3Dtracking platform for each use case discussed. To learn more, watch now the recorded webinar called EYE SENSORS ON 3DTRACKING PLATFORM.

00:00 – Introduction
02:00 – EYE Beacon and EYE Sensor feature overview
03:51 – Wireless Driver Identification use case
05:49 – Wireless Driver Identification demo (3Dtracking)
09:14 – Non-powered Equipment Tracking use case
12:05 – Non-powered Equipment Tracking demo (3Dtracking)
14:43 – Temperature Monitoring use case
16:12 – Temperature Monitoring demo (3Dtracking)
19:26 – Assets Identification use case
22:32 – Assets Identification demo (3Dtracking)
26:02 – Summary
26:51 – Contact us

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