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TunnelBear ScreenshotIf you’re looking for a free VPN service that can bypass geo restrictions in China, TunnelBear is a good choice. This VPN has a kill switch, solid privacy policy, and a free plan. We also examine the security and privacy features of TunnelBear. TunnelBear is available for Windows and Mac. TunnelBear is designed to open with your computer and lets you set when notifications are enabled. The main interface is clean and features an on/off switch. The servers are presented as a cartoon world map and the bear digs a tunnel to the destination you select.

TunnelBear is a free VPN service

The free version of TunnelBear is just as reliable as the paid version, with an acceptable logging policy and standard security features. It’s not perfect, though, and it only works for certain online activities. For example, it’s not suitable for Netflix or highly-censored countries. However, if you’re not concerned about privacy, TunnelBear’s VPN is worth checking out. In addition to being free, TunnelBear is available for Windows and macOS.

This free VPN service was founded by McAfee. It offers a number of basic VPN features, though it doesn’t have great streaming capabilities. The servers are few, and the latency is high. On the other hand, it comes with a free tier. Overall, TunnelBear is a good choice if you want to protect yourself while streaming online. It’s also great for people on a budget, thanks to its free tier.

While its software is easy to use, it lacks advanced features. Beginners will benefit from the simple, yet effective interface. The software includes a map showing the location of the tunnel and the user. This makes the software easy to use for a variety of devices. TunnelBear’s iOS and Android apps are particularly user-friendly, but the iOS version is lacking in several essential features, such as a VPN kill switch.

Another notable feature of TunnelBear is its free plan, which connects users to all countries. The only drawback is that there’s no money-back guarantee. It only offers a few servers, but the ones available are usually good and stable. TunnelBear doesn’t offer dedicated IP addresses for business users or private users, but this could change in the future. If you want a secure VPN service without the hassle of paying a monthly fee, however, it is a good option.

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It has a kill switch

Whether you’re downloading copyrighted content, dealing with sensitive information, or simply browsing the web without fear of being tracked, TunnelBear has all the features you need to stay private. Its kill switch option, VigilantBear, works like other VPN kill switches, but it has one more important feature. Its kill switch saves your IP address and network connection in the event of a loss of connection. This is particularly useful when the internet goes down for a period of time.

Another feature that makes TunnelBear stand out from the rest is its “split tunneling” feature. This feature enables you to choose which apps use the VPN and which don’t, making it easier to download torrents and browse the web safely. Unfortunately, TunnelBear’s iOS version lacks features, like a kill switch and stealth protocol. However, if you’re looking for a VPN for iOS, there are better options available than just the kill switch.

The kill switch option makes it easier to protect yourself from cybercrime. When a VPN service disconnects, TunnelBear will block all internet traffic until you reconnect. It is also possible to use the “TunnelBear” feature to mask encrypted VPN traffic as regular network traffic. GhostBear, on the other hand, masquerades VPN traffic as regular network traffic, which can be useful if you’re connected to an American network that throttles VPN traffic.

TunnelBear has a centralized billing and account management system, making it easier for businesses to protect sensitive information. TunnelBear offers a free trial for teams. The paid version has three tiers, each with different pricing plans. TunnelBear does not offer a money back guarantee. TunnelBear also offers a money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with their service. You should try the free trial for 7 days, which is available to all users.

It has a solid privacy policy

Although most VPN services don’t keep logs of your activities, TunnelBear’s does, and the company has a solid privacy policy. The service stores only minimal information, which it says is only needed for troubleshooting. These logs may include your IP address, DNS queries, and connection status. TunnelBear also stores information you supply when connecting to their service, including Twitter ID. TunnelBear’s privacy policy is very good, and it’s well worth a look.

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For one, TunnelBear uses industry-standard encryption algorithms, such as AES-256, and uses a SHA-256 hash to authenticate you. The US government has greenlit the use of AES-256 for sensitive information, so you can rest assured that your privacy is safe while you’re browsing online. You’ll be able to unblock Netflix and play games in foreign countries without worrying about your online activity being watched.

While most VPN services offer a similar user experience, the layout of TunnelBear stands out. Its homepage features a huge introductory banner, panels listing features, and minimal-style graphics. However, the company’s homepage is filled with bears – a cute animated grizzly pops out of the tunnel and gnaws through security camera cords. There’s also a page about the VPN’s traffic obfuscation technology. TunnelBear’s privacy policy is strong enough to make it an excellent choice for many users.

Apart from keeping your online activity private, TunnelBear also stores some technical information for troubleshooting purposes. This includes your IP address, your service connection information, and DNS queries made when you’re connected to the VPN. This ensures that no one can tie you up to a particular device or activity. TunnelBear’s policy is incredibly comprehensive, and makes it easy to see the level of privacy you can expect from a VPN.

It can bypass geo restrictions in China

You can learn more about TunnelBear’s services on their website. While the company does not offer live chat support, they do have an extensive knowledge base that can answer most questions. The blog is also easy to navigate, with news bites, updates, and longer features. While TunnelBear does not unblock Netflix or allow torrenting, it does bypass geo restrictions in China and other countries. TunnelBear has received positive reviews from consumers, so you can trust their service.

TunnelBear is part of the MacAfee family and offers a high-quality, secure VPN service. It offers a free package that has 500MB of bandwidth. There is no money back guarantee, but they do allow refunds in certain circumstances. TunnelBear has no bandwidth caps and is good for bypassing geo-restricted content in China. TunnelBear’s app and website both offer good encryption, and the VPN can bypass geo-restricted websites and services.

Another benefit of TunnelBear is its privacy policy. While the company does not log IP addresses, it does collect information about websites you visit. In addition to IP addresses, it also collects your operating system and email address. You can also pay with Bitcoin if you prefer. The company also performs a regular system and code audit. TunnelBear is an excellent VPN for censored and conflict-ridden countries.

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It is compatible with video streaming platforms

If you use a VPN to stream videos, Tunnelbear may be the best option for you. The app connects you to the nearest server in a supported country. Its interface is clean and features a simple on/off switch. Once connected, you can watch as the bear digs a tunnel to the location you desire. Tunnelbear is compatible with most video streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

If you don’t mind being watched by someone sitting next to you, TunnelBear may be the right choice for you. The service is highly stable and doesn’t suffer from the notorious leaks. Its robust encryption is top-notch and it uses the most secure protocol in the industry. TunnelBear is available for Windows and Mac OS X and Android clients. For iOS, the service offers two protocols: Internet Key Exchange version 2 and AES-256.

Although there is no live chat option on the website, you can contact the support staff through email. Customer service staff usually responds within a day or two. TunnelBear also offers a free version but users are limited to 500MB of data per month. That’s more than enough to stream half an hour of standard-definition video from Netflix. It’s a good amount of data for normal browsing. However, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you want more data. If you don’t need as much data as you do for video streaming, you can purchase a three-year subscription for just $3.33 per month.

However, the service has some drawbacks. Although TunnelBear is based in Canada, this country is a founding member of the Five Eyes alliance, which forces VPNs to hand over their user information to authorities. Moreover, a minor violation of copyright can lead to criminal prosecution. Therefore, it is vital to choose a VPN carefully. When choosing a VPN service, always check the location.

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