Surfshark Review 2022 – Who’s is For and What I Like Best About It

Surfshark Review 2022.

Surfshark is a premium budget VPN that’s ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security. Today I talk about who this VPN is for and what feature I like.

So surf shark, who is it for? What I want to do is go ahead and give you my summary upfront of who I think this is a good fit for. And then I want to explain some different scenarios here like with streaming, torrenting, unblocking geo restricted content, and how well surf shark actually performs in some of those areas.

But who is surf shark for So, surf shark, there’s a couple of categories of individuals, I think this would be great for first, someone who just wants a really great VPN, but they want to spend the least amount possible. So you’re looking for a budget VPN.

And just you don’t want any, you know, frills or anything fancy, you just want it to do the basics really well. That’s where surf shark is going to fit in. Also, for anyone who is part of a larger household, or has a lot of devices, like more than, you know, six or seven devices, you want to be able to use a VPN on simultaneously.

That’s where again, surf shark comes in, because you get unlimited device connections. So again, especially for larger household, we have lots of people living under the same roof, or maybe a business application, they’re against our shark is going to be great, which is kind of unique to give unlimited device connections, it’s a huge value.

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The other person I would recommend surf shark for is someone who knows they want a VPN, but they’re not necessarily going to be using it on a daily basis in terms of like, let’s say watching streaming content, or torrenting, you certainly could use surf shark for streaming on a consistent basis or torrenting.

You know, daily, it works great for that. But if you’re a heavy torrent user, or you’re streaming, you know, you’re you’re watching Netflix and Amazon Prime and you’re wanting to use a VPN for for streaming or you maybe you have a slower internet connection, then you may benefit from a more premium VPN that you’ll benefit from some of the better speed you would get.

So absorbed shark is still really fast. But yeah, that’s that’s kind of the threshold of where I might say, Man I make might make sense to spend a little bit more money. because you no longer have that protection and anonymity of the you know, the VPN, nothing’s being encrypted anymore.

But if you turn on your kill switch, now what happens is, if the VPN connection, were to suddenly disconnect, again, maybe it’s just a quarter, second half a second couple seconds, whatever it is, if that happens, it will also disable your internet connection at the same time. They’re responsive.

When I got on line, I was just in number I had to wait about I think three minutes before someone was there. Really friendly, helpful, happy to help makes it really easy to like they got your back, if there’s something you don’t understand, maybe you’re looking through here and you see a feature and you’re like, Hey, what’s this? You know, what’s this feature of the protocols? Which one should I use? Does that matter? By the way you can just leave this on on automatic that’s really shouldn’t be fine, you know, no borders.

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Once that again, here in the US it’s not really a big deal like probably don’t, you know, don’t really need to have that turned on. But finding out what these different things are you can certainly contact support and they’ll be happy to help you.

So anyway, I hope this video was helpful. If you have any questions, let me know down in the comments below. Be happy to try to answer as many of those as I can. Otherwise, thanks so much for watching, you guys. Really appreciate it. And I will see you in the next video.


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Hope you enjoyed my Surfshark Review 2022 – Who’s is For and What I Like Best About It Video.


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