How to Use TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear ScreenshotThere are many ways to use TunnelBear. Once you have registered an account, you can download its free or paid app to your computer. TunnelBear also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The following are some of the features that can make it the perfect VPN for your needs. You should also consider the price. TunnelBear also offers a free trial, so you can test drive the service before you buy.

VPN service

While the free tier of TunnelBear is more than enough to get you started, the company doesn’t offer many features that you’d want. For example, you can’t download torrents, watch movies, or use the internet for P2P. However, if you don’t mind spending money, the company does offer a yearly plan and an anonymous Bitcoin option. It also allows you to use a credit card to pay for your account.

In addition to offering free trials, you can also pay for a more premium plan if you find the price of its service too high. You can even sign up for a subscription if you’re already a subscriber. However, the downside is the fact that there’s a limit to how much bandwidth you can use and how many server switches you can make, so you might have to cancel before you get used to it.

The free trial of TunnelBear VPN is available for a week. After this, you can upgrade to the full version for an unlimited amount of bandwidth and unlimited traffic. TunnelBear also has some premium features, including free 500 MB of safe browsing, vigilant mode, and no logging. As a paid subscriber, you can also enjoy the service on more than one device. The global network and strong encryption makes TunnelBear a solid choice for anyone looking to surf the web safely.

Customer support is another issue many users have with TunnelBear. While the company doesn’t offer phone support, you can reach their support team through their help page. You can find topics such as how to install the app, how to use the Android and macOS version, and more on the TunnelBear website. TunnelBear also offers online forums for users to discuss common questions or find answers. Its customer support staff will reply to your questions within 24 hours.


There are several things you should know before you use TunnelBear VPN. Most VPN websites are fairly similar in their layout and design, with an introductory banner, a few panels listing features, and minimalist graphics. However, TunnelBear differs from the competition because it is packed with bears. For example, the homepage shows an animated grizzly gnawing through the cords of security cameras while swatting away threats.

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As a privacy issue, TunnelBear keeps a small amount of information from you while you use it, including your last name, the last four digits of your credit card, and the date you paid. It uses third-party payment processors to process payments, and you must supply your IP address and billing address to make payments. But, this information is only used for troubleshooting purposes, and the information is never used for marketing purposes.

For companies looking to unblock streaming services, TunnelBear is an excellent choice. You can subscribe to a monthly or yearly plan and use it on as many devices as you need. The subscription fees are relatively low and the free version has no limit on the number of users and devices. TunnelBear’s support team is friendly and helpful, and you can contact them via email or live chat. TunnelBear is also available on Android, iOS, and Windows devices, so you don’t need to worry about downloading and installing it.

For beginners, the features of TunnelBear are sufficient and allow you to access streaming services like BBC iPlayer and US Netflix. While this VPN doesn’t boast great streaming support, it works fine for the purpose. If you want to watch Netflix in the US, then you should check other VPN services. If your country has internet restrictions, TunnelBear will help you get around these. In addition to these features, it has a great app for iOS.


Whether you’re a new internet user or a seasoned pro, a VPN should give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected by a private network. TunnelBear is a service based in Canada, a member of the Five Eyes alliance of countries that monitor data within their borders. The Five Eyes alliance includes the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition to being a member of the Five Eyes, Canada has strict copyright laws that may result in criminal prosecution.

The free plan allows for 500MB of secure browsing per month. This is a great feature to consider if you’re testing a new VPN service before spending money. Once you’ve decided on the service, you can upgrade to a paid plan for $10 a month or $60 a year. In this case, you can save a few dollars compared to NordVPN, which offers a free plan. However, this plan does come with limitations.

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Although TunnelBear’s prices are competitive, they fall short of some of the features offered by other providers. The service’s server network isn’t as large as others, and it’s not available in all countries. TunnelBear is also less than ideal for users who need to stream video or listen to music. However, its performance is consistently solid over long distances. TunnelBear also has a dedicated legal team that can comply with lawful requests from authorities.

While customer service at TunnelBear is responsive, it takes some time to answer customer queries. The staff is friendly and bear-pun-infused. While it’s difficult to get a refund, you can always try out the free version of the service and see if you like it. You can even download the software to test it before paying for it. In addition to its free trial, the service also includes a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are unhappy with the service.

Devices supported

TunnelBear is an app that lets you connect to a VPN server from almost any device. The TunnelBear app makes connecting quick and easy, and features a simple interface. You can tap the “connect” button to begin your connection, and it will display all of the servers in your chosen countries. Simply tap the bear to start digging a tunnel from your current location, and it will pop out of the honey jar in your desired destination country.

TunnelBear offers a free trial, and you don’t have to enter your name and email address to sign up. You can pay using PayPal, credit card, or Bitcoin. While TunnelBear keeps some information, it does not keep your IP address or log files, which is rare for VPN services. It also does not support P2P activities, which makes it a good option for people who wish to remain anonymous on the web.

For businesses, TunnelBear offers an easy-to-use platform that helps them securely access corporate data and browse the Internet. It helps protect organizations against data leaks by encrypting your browsing history and restricting your network’s owners or internet service providers from accessing it. TunnelBear is especially useful for organizations who need to protect confidential information and data and want to protect their data. TunnelBear is designed for novices, and its simple interface makes it easy to use.

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Whether you want a free trial or a subscription, TunnelBear has a plan that suits your needs and your wallet. You can select a rolling monthly plan or a three-year subscription plan for $3.33 per month. The latter is a good option if you’re not going to use TunnelBear on a regular basis. TunnelBear supports devices from different countries. You can connect up to five devices simultaneously to the same VPN server.


If you’re thinking about signing up for the TunnelBear VPN, you have probably already seen the various features it has. You can choose from a free trial or a paid subscription. TunnelBear has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, as well as browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It’s like having Skype in your browser. If you’re constantly on the go, this may be an excellent option.

If you’re having trouble using the VPN service, you can email their support team. Their live chat option is not available, and replies are only sent to the subscriber’s email address. Luckily, they do have a chatbot, which you can use if you need them. You can also fill out an online form to send them an email. But you should be aware that getting live support isn’t always an option, and you may find yourself in a position where you need to call in for help.

The company is based in Canada, which is one of the “Five Eyes” data-sharing alliance countries. But they’re also a very private country. TunnelBear only stores information that is needed for billing purposes, so you can rest assured that no one can steal your private information. And, while they may not store all of your information, they do store enough to keep your browsing and VPN experience safe. The company also publishes its privacy policies to show how transparent they are.

GhostBear is another option, though it sounds gimmicky, but the software is highly encrypted and unobtrusive. If you’re in a country with tight online censorship, GhostBear can be very useful. It’s also compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices. GhostBear will automatically connect you to a server location that offers the lowest ping. Another useful feature is Auto Tunnel, which ensures the fastest possible connection speed.


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