RMS Access Feature Introduction – Teltonika Networks

RMS Access Feature Introduction. Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) Access is a fast, secure and affordable solution for remote system downtime problems. It allows to connect, manage and monitor remote systems from anywhere in the world with added layers of extra security.

Teltonika Networks Remote Management System is powered by advanced secure infrastructure with multiple levels of login protection and encrypted data tunnels. Speed and stability provided by Amazon Web Services. And security is verified with OWASP and CSI certifications. Teltonika Networks team is constantly improving the RMS system and that makes it possible to use RMS access solution in different use-cases like industry 4.0 powder coating systems, remote monitoring of oil & gas pipelines, digital signage & cellular connectivity and many more.

0:00 RMS Introduction
1:06 RMS factory access topology
1:20 How does RMS Access works?
1:29 RMS backend security features
1:48 RMS Access use cases

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