Ransomware group apologizes for attack on SickKids hospital

Do you want to learn why LockBit, a ransomware organisation, recently issued an apology? It appears out that they violated their internal code of ethics by attacking a SickKids hospital in Toronto, Canada, recently. What transpired, then? What will the hospital do next? Watch the entire video to find out!


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It seems as though some hacker groups do actually have a code of ethics.

LockBit, a global ransomware organisation, has just expressed regret for a hack against SickKids, a children’s hospital in Canada. SickKids is a Toronto teaching and research hospital that specialises in treating unwell children.

According to LockBit, the cyberattack was carried out by the group’s “partner.” It appears that many ransomware organisations have guidelines for hackers, cautioning them against attacking specific institutions like hospitals.

According to LockBit, their partner is no longer associated with them since they broke the ransomware group’s internal regulations by assaulting a hospital. LockBit sent a decryption key as an expression of its regret and emphasised that the Hospital for Sick Children wouldn’t be required to pay a ransom.

On December 18, a ransomware attack against the hospital began, bringing down a number of network services. The hospital, Sick Kids, disclosed that the attack from last month’s hack shut down the staff payroll system, knocked off phone connections, and delayed lab and imaging reports.

Even if the hospital decides to use the decryptor, restoring their systems and modernising the cybersecurity architecture will be a time-consuming and expensive procedure, according to cybersecurity experts, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. One of the most active and harmful gangs in the globe, according to the FBI, is LockBit. And despite LockBit’s apologies, the ransomware gang has previously struck hospitals.

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A hospital in France was recently the target of the group’s attack, which rendered its “business software, storage systems, and system connected to patient admissions” inoperable. There was no decryption key or apology provided.


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