ExpressVPN Review 2022 – Top 10 Reasons I Recommend This VPN

ExpressVPN Review 2022. Here are the top 10 reasons to use ExpressVPN over any other VPN. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN that’s ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security.

ExpressVPN Review 2022

Here are the top 10 reasons to use ExpressVPN over any other VPN. ExpressVPN is a premium VPN that’s ideal for privacy, speed, streaming, torrenting & online security.

How’s it going everybody? Welcome back. Today I wanted to quickly share with you guys the top 10 reasons why I recommend ExpressVPN.

Starting with how easy to use ExpressVPN really is, the interface is going to be exactly the same almost on every single device you’re on, no matter what you’re using, whether it’s Mac, iOS, or Smart TV, your streaming stick, do you have your locations listed right here, which is very straightforward.

Of course, you’ve got the in the options right here you have your security options, which is the kill switch split telling in handful of protocols. And that is pretty much it, it’s very easy to use, and there’s nothing complicated about it. The second reason is that it’s compatible with every device, again, including smart TVs, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, whatever device you’re using, which is a great thing that you want your VPN to have, which is to be natively compatible with most devices.

The third reason is that it’s got plenty of servers, you’ve got over 3000 servers in 94 countries, which leaves a lot of space for you to just jump in between servers. And no matter where you are, you will find a server that is near your location. And they’re all very neatly laid out. And you can set favorites. And you’ll of course find all the favorites right here.

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Now the fourth reason is that of course, it will allow you to unblock all kinds of streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, whatever streaming service you’re trying to unblock is going to be super easy with Express VPN as it is super consistent.

And of course, you’ve got an audited no logs policy, which means that the server infrastructure and security and privacy policy of Express VPN have been audited by a third party company, verifying its privacy policy. And they claim that they do not log anything identifiable about the users. And of course has been proven in this statement right here in the real life stress test when in 2017, the Turkish government seized an express VPN server and they were not able to find any information that can be linked to any specific user.

The sixth reason is that the Mac application of ExpressVPN still has split tunneling. Due to the different infrastructure of the hardware and software of Mac, a lot of VPNs end up with plenty of missing features on Mac.

The seventh reason is that it works in China because most VPNs will struggle to bypass the Great Firewall of China. But ExpressVPN is definitely the best VPN for bypassing the censors or firewall in order to unblock all kinds of websites while you’re in China.

And of course, it’s a very fast VPN, but you want to choose the lightweight UDP protocol to make sure you’ve got the fastest connection.They’re all optimized for anything you want to do, whether it’s streaming or torrenting. Without anyone finding out what you’re doing online or what files are downloading or whatever it is. It’s a great VPN overall.

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Hopefully, you guys learned a thing or two about ExpressVPN. If you want to learn more about the privacy policy speeds, streaming and torrenting capabilities, as well as security and features, be sure to check the link in the description down below for a full review.

And of course, you’ll find a discount code in the description down below if you’d like to take advantage of it while it lasts. And of course there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, in case you’re not 100% satisfied with the service you can simply get yourself the refund. So that’s pretty much it for this video combo. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer all of them like and subscribe if you’d like to support the channel and stay up to date with everything VPN cybersecurity. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next one. Have a wonderful day.


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Hope you enjoyed my ExpressVPN Review 2022 – Top 10 Reasons I Recommend This VPN Video.


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