The BEST VPN in 2022 | Ultimate comparison of TOP 7 VPNs

Best VPN For 2022

Every single best VPN candidate claims to be the absolute best VPN of 2022 – the safest, fastest, most reliable option out there. But there’s no “one for all” solution. I’m gonna cover 7 of the top VPN picks – the pros, the cons, and assess if they’re truly worth it.

Nord VPN

Let’s start this best VPN list with one of the most established VPNs. Due to their focus on security and the fact that there are highly customizable features I’d actually put Nord as one of the best VPN for PC options. There’s also a pretty big server fleet, a modern interface.


Surfshark is on my top VPN list for a few reasons. I found a proper kill switch and a Multi-hop feature for a double VPN connection, as well as a dedicated IP option. In addition, the Surshark Nexus update is fighting any data leak possibilities. Functionality-wise, it’s among the best VPN for Android picks. I can enjoy the exclusive GPS spoofing feature. Surfshark is also among the cheapest VPN services out there.


Another best VPN provider candidate is IPvanish. In terms of the VPN experience itself, IPVanish apps are pretty easy to navigate. There’s a nice server fleet to pick from, and a map to find what I need. Plus, their speeds are on par with the best VPN options. Overall, the Windows version is their strongest app. IPVanish is a good best VPN service choice if you just want good protection and fast speeds.

This best VPN 2022 contender introduces a very nice unique, user privacy-focused thing – an Always-on audit policy. They also implemented the Wireguard tunneling protocol to remedy their previously not-so-great speeds. While I wouldn’t say PureVPN is the best VPN software there is, it’s a very valid option, at least for those who are looking for a super cheap VPN with lots of servers (6,500!).

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0:36 Is NordVPN best for privacy?
3:21 Nord-Surfshark merger
4:21 Surfshark VPN – best price-to-value ratio?
6:43 Is IPVanish the fastest VPN?
8:36 Cheapest VPN candidate – PureVPN
10:25 IvacyVPN – cheap but lacking
12:29 Is AtlasVPN the best budget-friendly VPN?
13:44 ExpressVPN controversies

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