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Ever wonder if your keyless car could be hacked? Well, Europol just busted a car theft ring in which criminals used fraudulent software to steal vehicles. According to the agency, the automobile thieves used a portable keyless car theft device that they touted as a diagnostic tool. The software let them open the car doors and simply drive away. But that’s not even the worst part. Watch the video for the full story.


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You know what? Seems like cars can get hacked too! In fact, hacking cars might be easier than hot-wiring.

On Monday, Europol announced the bust of a car-thieving ring that used a unique technique for grand theft auto — hacking. Yep, cars are joining a long list of machinery that can be hacked. According to the agency, criminals targeted vehicles with keyless entry and start systems. They manipulated software to simply open the doors and drive away without using a key fob.

Europol didn’t give too many details about the heists. It seems that the robbers went after two unnamed French car manufacturers specifically. They used a fraudulent package to replace the original software by marketing it as an “automotive diagnostic solution.”

A Europol spokesperson told The Register that it was a portable solution that the criminals could connect to the car they wanted to steal.

Stealing cars by hacking them is easier than other means. Before hacking, the thief needed physical access to the key or the skills to hot-wire it.

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Car theft is not even the biggest problem, though. What happens if a hacker takes control of your car with you in it? Researchers have already demonstrated that it’s possible to take control of a car remotely. Speed it up, slow it down, anything.

The smarter cars get, the more cybersecurity flaws there are to exploit. But let’s not panic yet. The 31 suspects for car stealing are in custody, and car manufacturers are taking cyberthreats seriously.


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