How to Turn Off 5G to Save Your iPhone 12 Battery

5G is here on the iPhone! Although you can super fast speeds—in some locations—you don’t need to use 5G all the time. Here’s how to turn off 5G on your iPhone 12 and save some battery life while you’re at it.

The iPhone 12 series as a whole can connect to 5G networks at lightning speeds, which is fantastic news when those networks are indeed lightning fast. However, taking use of such gigabit speeds comes at a cost: battery life.

However, Apple included a Smart Data Mode setting in the new iPhones to allow you more control over when your iPhone 12 uses 5G, and it’s quite simple to use.

Apple gives you three choices: keep 5G on all the time, switch to LTE and never use 5G again, or let your iPhone decide for you with an auto mode.

Your phone will know to use 5G if you’re downloading whole seasons of TV to watch offline. Your iPhone will switch to LTE if you’re merely streaming music.

Viewing your options is easy:

Open Settings

Select Cellular

Then tap Cellular Data Options.

Tap Voice & Data.

There you will see 5G On5G Auto, and LTE.

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