Surfshark Review 2022 Everything You Need to Know


Surfshark Review – If you’ve been hunting for a VPN, you most probably have heard about Surfshark as one of the leading VPNs on the market today. Learn about the pros and cons.

Video Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Surfshark Overview
1:06 – Servers
2:00 – Speed
2:45 – Bypassing Georestrictions
3:12 – Torrenting
3:26 – Kill Switch
4:03 – Security
6:01 – Unlimited Devices
6:28 – Pricing
7:18 – Reasons to Choose a More Expensive VPN
8:28 – Why I Recommend Surfshark
9:23 – Conclusion and Outro

Hey guys, and welcome to my updated review today of surf shark. So surf shark continues to be one of the best VPN in industry. And, you know, it’s one of my favorite VPN is to recommend, particularly because of all the features and value it offers for such a low price, including being the only VPN to offer unlimited device connections.

But while it certainly holds its own against much more expensive VPN, there are a few areas where it falls short by comparison. So in this review, I’ll give you guys an updated look at surf shark show you some live examples of using it and ultimately help you decide if this would be the best VPN for you or not.

And, as always, if you end up wanting to try surf shark, I’ll include links to the best special deals or discounts I’ve been able to get for you guys in the description below. So surf shark is one of the easiest VPN to use.

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It has a very simple and straightforward interface, which makes it ideal for anyone who’s never used a VPN before. Surf shark also makes it super easy to connect to the fastest server for you to use. And then you can always manually select a different server whenever you like as well.

The selection of servers that serve shark offers is a little over 3200 spread across 65 countries, which will be way more than most people need. Because while other VPNs may have more servers or be in more countries, you’ll notice that their connection speed will often drop quite a bit more when using some of these VPN is compared to using surf shark.

And that’s simply because what’s important is not so much the quantity of servers a VPN has but the quality. So the key is having a good quality server that’s close enough to you so that you don’t experience a huge drop in your connection speed when you connect to it.

So while surf shark doesn’t have as many servers in as many countries as some of the more expensive VPN, you’re getting a very similar experience when it comes to your connection speed, because of the quality emphasis that surf shark places on the servers it provides for you to use.

And then regarding connection speed. This is something surf shark does surprisingly well. For example, compared to the fastest VPN I’ve tested, a surf shark is only about five to 10% slower. But something to note is that surf shark isn’t quite as reliable at maintaining these high speeds.

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So on occasion, the speeds may fluctuate a bit so that surf shark will end up being more like 10 to 15% slower. Now, this is still really good. And even with these fluctuations, it still puts surf shark at the top as one of the fastest VPN is available.

So even though this isn’t something that will be an issue for most people, if, as an example, you want to download things as fast as possible, and you’re willing to pay more for the ability to do that, then this is where it might make sense to consider investing in a more expensive VPN.

But otherwise, whether you’re streaming Netflix gaming torrenting, or just downloading something online, surf shark will still be plenty fast for any of that. And this is especially important to consider if you want to use a VPN to say unblock geo restricted content from streaming media providers.

And this doesn’t just work for Netflix, but lots of other streaming media sites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney plus BBC I player, ESPN and many others. Then for those who want to use a VPN for torrenting surf shark has quickly become one of the best in this regard as well. Because here again, unlike other VPN, there are no bandwidth limits for torrenting.


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Hope you enjoyed my Surfshark Review 2022 – Everything You Need To Know Video.


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