Get to know the Teltonika Networks RMS interface


Watch this video to learn about the main features of the Teltonika Networks RMS interface. In just a few minutes this tutorial will introduce you to the first steps of conveniently monitoring and managing all your Teltonika networking devices from one easy-to-use interface.

For this tutorial, you will need to create an account

00:14 RMS Introduction
00:48 RMS Left sidebar panel
01:42 RMS Top control menu
02:11 RMS Right customization panel
02:25 RMS Main content window
03:43 RMS Settings panel

The main page of RMS consists of five main elements:
• Left sidebar panel. It provides access to different sections of
RMS: Management, Users, Files, Reports, Licences.
• Top control menu. Here you will find all the options and controls
depending on which tab of the left sidebar is currently selected.
• Right customization panel. It allows you to filter and customize
what kind of data you will see in the main content window.
• Main content window. It shows all the data and corresponds to
your selection on the left sidebar panel.
• Settings panel. Here you will find your username, settings and
the option to log out.

Teltonika Networks RUT955, RUT950, RUT230 and RUT240 routers were used in this video demonstration. Some of the router information is blurred and hidden for security reasons.

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